Arc welding tips for bead of welding:

Stick (SMAW) Arc welding is a a manual process using a flux coated consumable electrode with a metal rod at the core. Alternating current or direct current forms an arc between the electrode and the base metal creates the required heat. In the United States it is the most common method used.The flux coating disintegrates and gives off vapors that serve as a shielding gas and provides a protective layer of slag.  Both protect the weld area from atmospheric contamination. As the metal rod inside the electrode melts it forms a molten pool which becomes the weld.

There are several variables the welder can control that will impact the width and height of the weld bead, the penetration of the weld and the quantity of spatter.Stick welding is inexpensive when compared with other methods such as TIG, is portable and works with any thickness and in any position. The major downside is the slag created during the welding process along with slower speeds (unless you are highly skilled).

Arc welding tips for bead of welding

Arc Welding:-

1.Stick welding takes its’ name from the shape of the electrode, which looks like a stick. It can be used to weld many types of metals including steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

2.Welding machines provide constant current (CC) using direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC). Direct current operates on different directions based on the polarity. Alternating current switches between directions.

3.Power in the electrical circuit used to power the weld is measured in amperes. More current or amperage is needed for welding thicker metals or electrodes.

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