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As a GATE Aspirant it always seems like a mammoth task to go through all the material required for the Exam according to the syllabus provided by IIT’s and IISc.

Besides working hard what is needed is to work smart. A proper schedule for your studies ensures that you complete the syllabus on time with enough time left in hand for practice. After all the GATE Exam is and objective test of application of concepts. And rote learning will not help.

Here are some useful pointers to help you prepare your own plan.

Make a list:

Make a list of subjects and prioritise them based on the marks allotted to them. Now, create a timetable with distribution of subjects. Note that, if the distribution is not prepared, then you usually end up learning random topics, which may lead to confusion at the end. Starts reading all the chapters and prepare short notes on all important points. In this way, your revision is also complete and these short notes will also be useful for your last-minute revision.

This is the period when you should focus slightly more on developing your theoretical base (roughly around 65% weightage to theory and 35% to solving questions/practice). GATE exam tests your basics. Hence it is quite essential that your concepts are crystal clear. If you are enrolled in a GATE coaching institute, keep studying thoroughly the subject which is going on in the class along with revision of a subject that’s already been completed (choose a subject for revision, preferably, which you feel you did not understand properly).

Key Papers:

Here are the key papers for the Previous practice paper posted last

>>>Key of Q P 1

>>>Key of Q P 2

Some key points:

Mainly focus on understanding fundamentals and practicing through good set of problems/quizzes. Make a revision notes for all important topics during preparation , after the preparation of every topics, you must test your skills on that topics by attempting online tests/quizzes and then after participate online discussion forums to clear your doubts.

” Utilize your time till the exam day for preparation of the GATE and enjoy your study.”



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