After successfully completing Intermediate course, the students land up in a crucial stage of their career. They  will be at the cross roads and selection of the branch creates lot of confusion. A wise decision at this stage will make their career very productive and a hasty or unguided decision will leave them in a hopeless situation.

How to select A branch in engineering?

  • Many students are carried away by other’s talk while taking these decision and regret later. In addition to their own confusion, parent’s aspirations and anxiety adds another dimension to this problem. A good decision is highly essential as the students will usually spend at least 30 to 40 years with this Branch in their profession. In simple words, it is next to getting married –where divorce is not thought of in general. It is very difficult for someone to tell you how to select the Branch. However, the guidelines that are given

below will help you to identify a good branch which suits you.


  • Most often this is given higher importance than it demands. All Branches today have good chances of employment if the students has excelled in that subject. However, depending on the market few branches have more employment opportunities than the others but this is driven by global economy. But one needs to understand that if you are not good –just the branch will not fetch you a job even if there are opportunities

Choice of Profession:

  • Students need to make a decision that which job suits him best. Some like core sector and some like IT sector jobs. In case you like IT sector, it is better you option for circuit branches like IT, CSE, ECE and EEE. If one likes core sector, he needs to go for Mechanical, Civil and Chemistry etc.,

Knowledge of Subjects:

  • The basic subjects Maths, Physics and Chemistry and the students strengths in these three are very important. Many times students have one or two weaknesses in terms of grasping a subject. In such cases, students need to be very careful in not exposing their weakness. For e.g. If a student is weak in Physics, he will Struggle in ECE, EEE and MECH. If the student is weak in Chemistry, he will struggle with chemistry, Biotechnology. In-depth Mathematical and analytical knowledge is essential  for CSE.

Upcoming Branches:

  • In the recent years there are a number of new branches offered by various colleges and these are offshoots of the main branches of engineering. These are Biotechnology, Aerospace engineering, Aeronautical engineering, Production Engineering, Environmental engineering, Ceramic engineering, Textile engineering, etc. while selecting these branches the student need to be very careful as the profession gets narrower and opportunities will be very limited. However, one can make a good career if he develops skills to grab the limited opportunity. As such, even if you have passion for such branch, it is advised that you take a degree in the regular branch and go for in that specialization.

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself, before you make a choice of the branch.

Computer science & Engineering

  1. Do you like Computers? (It is not about computer games/facebook/Internet)
  2. Do you want to do something new in the computer?
  3. Do you always experiment with your computer and surprise others?

4.Are you strong enough in Mathematics and Logic making skill?

If you answer most of the question with YES, then this is the Branch for you and you are made for this Branch.  This branch requires good logic and good aptitude, innovation and hard work. If you have all these qualities in you, then go for this branch.

Civil Engineering:

  1. Are you interested in building making?
  2. Are you ready to rock the world with your talent?
  3. Have you ever thought how this can be done after looking at a building?
  4. Are you interested in solving community problems and attending to their demands?

If YES, then this is the branch for you. You need to be observing the community demands and you need to know and think how to make the human life comfortable.

Mechanical & Production Engineering:

  1. Are you interested in Bike and Cars Design?
  2. Do you take interest in functioning of daily routine things?
  3. Do you ask Basic Questions to your teachers (i.e., how this works? How that works?)
  4. Do you like physics?
  5. Do you like to develop some new mechanism?
  6. Do you like to use your engineering skills for a common man’s life?

If YES, this is the branch for you. This branch requires real hard work. In most of the colleges mechanical are different branches but their syllabus content is more or less same but in few colleges this combined.

Information Technology:

This branch requires similar skills as in computer science & Engineering. There is about 10% diufference in the syllabus content. Ther is not much difference as far as placement and job opportunity are concerned. Both the Branches are equally good and well paid.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering:

  1. Have you ever opened your switch board and repaired it?
  2. Do you want to know the functioning of your home electrical gadgets?
  3. Do you want to know what is really going on in electrical motor/turbine/generator?
  4. Are you interested in sensors & transistors?

If YES, then this is the branch for you, this branch will have few subjects from EEE and it demands good mathematics and physics background.

Electronics & Communications Engineering:

  1. Are you inquisitive about electronic appliances?
  2. Do you want to know the functioning of your home electronic appliances?
  3. Do you want to know what is really going on in a computer CPU?
  4. Are you interested in Micro-Processors / communications?

If YES, then this is the branch for you. In this branch a few subjects will be from CSE and EEE and it demands good mathematics and Physics background. There is little difference between ECE and Electronics and Instrumentation.

         Finally, do not get worried too much.! As today switching fields in profession is quite common. However, Keep moving along with the developments in the fields of engineering. In addition to the knowledge and technology, improve your language, Problem solving skills and logic to emerge as a good engineer. Also concentrate on improving soft skills to get into a good job.

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Dr. M Chandra SekharDr M CS CE NITW

Registrar and

prof in Civil Engineering

NIT Warangal.

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