Royal Enfield from Iron to Aluminium:

The Mechanism of A350 from the house of Royal Enfield Motors has driven many to sheer ecstasy in no time since its launch last year. Unveiled for the first time in 1998 Auto Expo, it took two long years to reach the bikers. But once it did it captured the hearts of old time and not so old time bullet lovers who pine for the thumping beat and ride heavy metal instead of the Japan lean û mean machines. The Machismo is essentially a bullet 350 in its new avatar and addresses the needs of the changing times . It retains the old bullet design of he 1940s but the existing technology has been upgraded to give the bike a good pickup, fuel efficiency and much reduced emissions thereby complying the mandatory Euro emission norms. Thus Machismo is the old bullet for the new millenium, strumming on the heart strings of the bike enthusiasts but also the trendy, upbeat, much style conscious urban biker who wants hassle free ride.

So what went into transforming the legendary bullet into the Machismo? A lot we would say . The company concentrated primarily on the heart of the bike, that is the engine. Technological upgrading the engine was a mammoth task and required great skill and expertise to accomplish that Royal Enfield Motors scouted for partners. All the Japanese majors had been booked already. Therefore the company choose to go in for technology transfer as Royal Enfield in iself is a very strong brand name well known throughout the world. It tied up with Anstalt (laboratory)uerbrennungskraft Maschine (internal combustion machine) List (name of the company fourennungskraft Maschine (internal combustion machine) List (name of the company founder) in short AVL of Austria which has been involved with many Indian manufacturers for example Fiat. AVL helped Royal Enfield Motors redesign the bullet engine but was conservative enough to retain the essential push rod engine as most people buy a royal Enfield for its peculiar heart warming beat. The bike is more revolutionary.

Design and styling :

Royal Enfield Motors did not want a radical departure from its time tested bullet styling. Hence, the engine was bolted to the old bullet chassis. The styling is conservative but has been done keeping in mind the traditional bullet lover. Who goes for simplicity. Lots of chrome, better and sleeker mudguards and excellent paint job. The fit and finish of the bike is good and the bike had and eyes catching metallic maroon color. All these changes have given the bike a fresh appearance

The tank is embellished, with Enfield Machismo written on it Features like Single key operation, all light switches and a day flash switch have been incorporated for easy riding. The 50 watt AC/DC headlight is powerful and now runs on the alternator. The seating position is very comfortable with easy to reach handle bars and the pillion rider seat is slightly elevated for a better view and riding pleasure. The classic bullet comforts are very apparent and one of the main plus point of the bike . one gears the feeling that a lot of attention was paid to the relative position of the seat, grips, footrest and switches and this have made the bike more compact.

Technical upgradation:

The cylinder head has been totally reworked, including the valve angles, which have been narrowed from 80 degree to 55 degrees. The valve ports have been optimized leading to better flow of gasses and to improve the swirl effect. Valve lift has also been modified by changing the cam lift area. The valve seat angle has been changed to provide better valve sealing and lower emissions. The design of combustion chamber also had been modified. it now incorporates an improved squish area to induce turbulence leading to rapid combustion of gasses

Engine :     

The Machismo engine is made of aluminum alloy instead of casting iron, and is based on ælean burnÆ technology. According to REM its an all aluminum plateau honned, high compression, anti friction engine which ensures optimal fuel combustion. the combustion chamber, valve, piston and ring s have been so designed

Fuel Average:

The company claims a fuel average of 47 to 50 Kmpl. But the best we could achieve was 45 kmpl with light throttle opening and top gear driving by using 500 ml beaker. The worst was 36Kpl . This was achieved during high-speed runs and extreme acceleration testing. The customers should expect a mileage between 40 to 42 kmpl in normal driving condition


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